How does it work smartphone ozone sanitation?

Smartphone ozone sanitation is more and more common, discover an effective method completely ecological

Nowadays attention to cleaning is never enough!

We spend most of our days cleaning our hands, as World Health Organization recommends us, because of the Coronavirus spread through hands contact.

There’s just one problem: your smartphone! The most used device in all the world, loved from adults and children, collects all the bacteria that you have on your hands. Can’t we help it?

We can’t! It seems that an adult spends among six hours a day on his smartphone, both for working or having fun, and that time is spend among phone calls, social networks and texting.

Solution is not leaving your cell phone, but take care of its hygiene as of yours, through a good sanitation. One of the most powerful and ecological method to clean up properly your cell phone is using an ozone smartphone sanitizer, common both for little surfaces and rooms. This gas can destroy bacteria and viruses on a smartphone screen or in an entire room. According with the World Health Organization ozone is a natural and ecological sterilizer.

Ozone sanitizer is useful also against bad smells, mould and insects. It’s a natural gas with an oxidising power. It kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses…a real guarantee to be sure of the effectiveness of smartphone sanitation!

Never again “smartphone infection” thanks to ozone sanitation, a safe and ecological method, recognised from Food and Drug Administration, that defines it as a safe agent.


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