How can hi tech help us in fighting Coronavirus?

Today Hi Tech seems to be our best allied against Coronavirus!

The spread of Coronavirus signed the beginning of a new era, stopping our daily habits and changing our way of interacting with other people. 

Instead our relationship with technology has increased, because it has acccompanied us in the so called “second stage” of Coronavirus.

There are a lot of new technologies studied to help people to deal the risks of Covid19.

The first example is the Immuni app, that you can download on your smartphone. Through Bluetooth Low Energy it sends you a messege to tell you that you have been in touch with a person found positive to Coronavirus.


A big new invention post quarantine days is the hi tech bracelet that shakes when your distance from other people is too little. A very useful system when you are in public places full of people and it is very hard to mantain the right distance from people you don’t know.

Finally to avoid the problem of germs and bacteria on your smartphone let’s say welcome to the Dudùu Pod. Dudùu Pod can recharge your smartphone by wireless technology and it can completely  clean it with UV lights. You have just to put your smartphone in this little and portable box to remove up to  99,9% of viruses and bacteria. UV lights clean the smatphone but don’t damage it.

Immuni, hi tech bracelet and Dudùu Pod are only three of the new inventions of last months, all characterized by the impact of technology in healthcare.



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