Here are the free travel apps you can’t do without!

We love planning our trips on our own, depending on our needs and, above all, our desires.

Nowadays we can have services just a click away, we have become real travellers and so we have learned to choose between offers and promotions, seizing the opportunity of the best tours and itineraries to discover the beauties of the world.

The all-inclusive offers aren’t what we look for, we want to experience the trip to the fullest.

Smart phone and the world of travel apps are the aces on our sleeve that we can use to better plan our journey on our own.

Travel app is what you can’t do without to plan and live your trip to the fullest.

We need travel app to know the currency and the exchange rate, to have the itinerary always with us, to know what is best to pack, to get means of transport info or to buy a ticket at the most competitive price.

So, travel apps are really a godsend and here we show you those that, in our opinion, are really useful and almost indispensable.


Thanks to Evernote, you can save your travel documents (confirmation email, list of things to visit, travel insurance). This app synchronizes different devices and helps you by checking if everything is ok.


Do you want to avoid paying unnecessary commissions and saving on the exchange rate? Then N26 is for you. Practical and easy to use, this application guarantees you all the functions of a card for payments and money transfers.


Valuta! is a good help to avoid being caught off guard by the currency change. It’s very useful because it can be used offline.


If you don’t have Marie Kondo’s organizational skills and don’t want to go crazy during the preparation of your suitcase, then download PackPoint. In fact, the app calculates what to pack according to criteria such as weather and staying time, destination, access to the laundry, scheduled activities and much more. The solution to your luggage problems is here!


When travelling, looking for advices is essential. Minube is here to help us. The application offers advice and ideas provided by other travellers about routes, maps, tours, visits and restaurants to keep an eye on.

Maps.me e CityMaps2Go

If you can’t use connection but you need maps and routes, you can use Maps.me and CityMaps2Go. Both easy and intuitive, these travel apps offer offline maps, with related points of interest, calculating routes and possible routes without connection. However, remember to load the maps of the place you want to visit.


It’s the global trip planner app that allows you to plan any tour. Thanks to its database, this app immediately shows you flights, trains, buses, ferries and driving options with travel times and fare estimates included.

Don’t miss …

Obviously, don’t miss Google Translate, the little ace on your sleeve to speak when you want, at least, to be able to understand (a little) the language spoken in your journey destination.


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