Recharge yourself with Dudùu: never again without your heat-no-burn item or your electronic cigarette

When we conceived and designed our products, we really thought about every possible purpose or, more precisely, every possible users necessity/need and how to solve it, including vape items!

Yes, you got that right, our products are able to recharge both electronic cigarette and heat-no-burn tobacco items.

Vapes and electronic cigarettes recharging is an increasingly widespread need and, for sure, a service that should be provided anywhere.

So, in the lines below, we are going to talk about our experience in the e-cigarette and heat-no-burn items field.

Experience: Dudùu in the vape world, in Milan for innovation

Pointing to innovation and betting on it has always been a best practice and Dudùu knows it well. For this reason, Glo chose us as innovative partner start up in its campaign “Guarda Avanti” (Look ahead). This campaign is based on building temporary exhibitions and stores to explain as much as possible what Glo is, even in an artistic way.

The event

We actively took part in the opening of the new Glo store in Milan, Gorizia street. It wasn’t just an opening but an exhibition which showed the value and uniqueness of technology and design by only one goal: promoting innovation.

A new concept: Glo by BAT

British American Tobacco decides to invest looking ahead and pointing on innovation. And so this opens up the whole idea of an alternative electronic cigarette or, more precisely, of a true new concept of electronic cigarette with heated tobacco. In fact, Glo is an innovative electronic device, with a functional design, that heats tobacco without burning it. Glo technology (Advanced Heat Technology™), vaporizes Neostick (a type of electronic cigarette specially created for this device) at 240 degrees avoiding this way the combustion process, ash and the typical and persistent smoke smell.

Recharge every device for any need

A project aimed at opening the mind to the progress made of technology, design, art and  innovation. An experience for us that has shown, even more, the potential value and the plus of Dudùu products

Glo’s design bases the device charging on a battery powered by micro USB. The innovative technology of our power stations allows you to safely recharge your device everywhere, with no worries.

It is no coincidence that the claim of “Guarda Avanti” campaign sends a strong, easy and clear message: where there is innovation, there is Glo too. Dudùu could not miss it.

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