GREEN – Meaning, symbolism and color properties

The green color symbolizes perseverance and superior knowledge. Associated with the fourth Chackra, in the spectrum of light it is between yellow and blue. The green color gives off a sense of balance, compassion and harmony; transmits love everything about the natural realm favoring the right contact with the laws of nature and respect for tradition. In addition to having a calming effect, the Green color gives a sense of justice and greatness of soul as well as giving tenacity and perseverance in following their own projects. In contrast, the Green creates a sort of resistance to changes. Result of the combination of Blue and Yellow colors, Green also represents the intention, the result of a sense of calm emanating from the blue and the energy infused by Yellow. The color green also represents the accumulated energy is not bringing voiced, often, to an excessive self-control and need to dominate both people and events.

Personalities and trends according to the color Green

Those who prefer the color green tends to autoesaltarsi giving, often, the feeling to feel superior to others. Moreover, those who love the color green, is characterized by the constant desire to look good and impress; He does not accept changes in his manner of acting since, feeling better, adapting to others the svilirebbe in his high self-regard. Conservative and habit, those who choose the Green often feels insecure giving fragility test against himself.

Those who reject the Green is constantly choked from the grip of the obligations and feels compelled to take action and do what it does not want. Often he feels frustrated because he believes he does not live up to its high expectations.

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