Google launches its affordable online University
A degree in 6 months, at affordable prices and with the opportunity to enter the world of work immediately after the end of the course. Ready to sign up?

Google has launched its online university that will allow young people who intend to graduate in the professions most requested in the digital world to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in just 6 months!

Google courses will be based on Google Career Certificates and degree programmes will not cost more than 300 dollars.

Classes will be held online and the degree will be based on intensive courses, which will allow students to have real opportunities to enter the world of digital work.

In the United States there is a lot of interest in Google’s proposal, but also a certain skepticism: can a 6-month intensive course replace years of university studies? Actually, yes: you just need to have a simple internet connection, and you can attend your class from anywhere you wish, without any need to travel and at a very low price!

Now the main question is: is it possible to acquire the same skills obtained with a traditional course of study in such a short time? Can you “get things done” in just six months? To get an answer, we just have to wait for the first Google University course to start….


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