Nowadays, technology has made many steps forward, making different devices useful in our daily lives. Just think that, before leaving home, it has become routine to carry at least smartphones, headphones and for some the electronic cigarette.

However, we know that the battery of our devices is not infinite and in some days, maybe those where we are most busy, our devices are depleted leaving us at the mercy of events. Having a powerbank with you can be a great resource, but what happens when all your devices download at the same time?

Dudùu comes in against this problem through the realization of Dudùu Fold, usable both when you are around, both when you are at home. But what are the features of this charging device?

Fold is a wireless charging mat that has the function of charging three devices simultaneously up to 15W. Simply place your devices on the magnetic mat and you will soon see the battery turn green. Its shape moves away from that of common power supplies, creating a design product but especially pocket-sized as the mat is foldable on itself to be inserted even in the smallest clutch.

Whether your devices are iOS or Android, Fold will always be compatible so you never run out of battery. The minimal and clean shape, eliminates all the excess wires typical of the usual loaders. In addition, the presence of Anti slide protection allows you to safely load your devices. Although it can load multiple devices quickly at the same time, the temperature of the devices remains low going to avoid overload thanks to the protection for Overvoltage, Short circuit and Overcurrent securing your devices in any situation.

Don’t know what to give to those who use many technological devices? The answer is Dudùu Fold. In addition to being indispensable, it can be customized going to create a unique product.

Don’t miss it! Choose effectiveness, choose Dudùu Fold.


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