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What’s Dudùu XL and which technology does it use?

Dudùu is a multifunctional design product. It contains inside a device that let it perform both the function of multicolour lamp, by using Led RGB technology, and power station to recharge batteries of common communication devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.). At the same time you can use it as personal tidy trays thanks to its 4 boxes with maximum security because it’s provided with a key lock.

In how many and which colours the device light up?

Dudùu is multicolour device cause it is provided with Led RGB technology that can be set by personalized remote control. This technology allows it to lighten surroundings with seven different colours.

Does Dudùu work like my phone?

Dudùu XL is compatible with the most spread communication devices currently produced (Apple Lightning Micro USB / Mini Usb).

How many smart phones can I connect to my Duddùu XL?

Duddùu XL can recharge four smart phone at the same time, one for each box.

Attention: if you connect more smart phones to every single wire than suggested (one for each box), devices could take a longer time to recharge, quality of recharging is not guaranteed.

How long does Dudùu take to recharge my smart phone?

About 20 minutes.

How many boxes does Dudùu XL have?

Four boxes, each one can be locked with its own safety key.

How many Dudùu XL multi-socket cables are included in the pack?

Four multi-socket cables like Apple Lightning / Micro USB / Mini USB.

How does Duddùu XL work?

To turn Duddùu XL on you just need a specific 220 V electric socket and a cable that we provide. Connect your device to the cable inside one of the four boxes.

Does Duddùu XL have to be always switched on to make it work?

Yes. Dudùu XL has to be always switched on and it need to be connected to a 220 V electric socket to work as multicolour lamp and power station.

If Dudùu XL Led does not light up, does it mean that my smart phone battery is not charging?

If Dudùu XL led are switched off, you can still recharge your smart phone battery inside the device by using the cable. It just need to be connected to a 220 V electric socket.

What is Dudùu XL size and how much does it weight?

Width 56 cm, height 36 cm, depth 26 cm, weight 13 kg.

How can I get my Dudùu XL? Do I have to pay a monthly fee?

You just have to buy your Dudùu XL, just a single payment, on our on-line shop at www.duduu.eu. There is no monthly fee due to its use.

Can I have a specimen of the product?

If you are a private individual, you can not have a Dudùu XL specimen; on the other hand, if you are a company, write to marketing@duduuis.com and you’ll be contacted.

Where can I buy Dudùu XL and its additional accessories?

You can buy it on our online shop at www.duduu.eu.

All the curiosities you want to satisfy on our Power Station.


What is Dudùu EXPO and which technology does it use?

Dudùu EXPO is a multi-functional design object. It contains a device that allows it to perform both the function of multicolour lamp, using the RGWB LED technology, and power station to recharge batteries of the most common communication products (smart phones, tablets, etc. etc.). At the same time, it can be used as an exhibitor designed to focus customer attention on your promotion.

How many and which colours does Dudùu EXPO light up?

Dudùu EXPO is multicolour because it is equipped with RGWB LED technology adjustable by a personalized remote control that allows the lamp to illuminate the surrounding environment in 7 colours.

Does Dudùu EXPO work with my phone?

Dudùu EXPO is compatible with the most common communication devices on the market (Apple lightning / Micro USB C type New Generation / Mini USB).

How many Smart phones can I connect to my Dudùu EXPO?

Dudùu EXPO can simultaneously recharge two smart phones, one for each cable.

Warning: if the number of smart phone connected to each cable exceeds this limit (1 for each box) the devices could take longer to recharge guaranteeing neither the quality nor the  charging process.

How many Dudùu EXPO multi-plug cables can I have with my power station?

Dudùu EXPO contains 2 Apple lightning multi-plug cables/ Micro USB C type  New Generation / Mini USB.

How does Dudùu EXPO work?

To turn Dudùu EXPO on, you just have to connect the display to a specific 220 V electrical socket (using the fitted cable) and then you connect your device to the appropriate cable.

To make Dudùu EXPO work, it must be always on?

YES. Dudùu EXPO must be always connected to a 220 V electrical socket to perform its function as a multi-coloured lamp, display stand and power station.

If Dudùu EXPO LEDs don’t light up, does it mean that the battery of my smart phone cannot be recharged?

If the Dudùu EXPO LEDs are off, the battery of your smart phone can be still recharged inside the device by the appropriate cable, as long as it is connected to a 220 V electrical socket.

What is Dudùu EXPO size and weight?

Duduù EXPO is  32.5 cm wide, 26 cm high, 19 cm deep, 1.6 kg weight.

How do I get my Dudùu EXPO? Do I have to pay a monthly fee?

You can buy Dudùu EXPO in a single solution using the online shop at www.duduu.eu. There is no monthly fee related to its use.

Can I have a product sample?

If you are an individual you cannot have any Dudùu EXPO sample. If you are a company, write to marketing@duduuis.com to be contacted.

Where can I buy Dudùu EXPO and its additional accessories?

You can buy it directly at the online shop www.duduu.eu.

All the curiosities you want to satisfy on our Power Station.


What Dudùu XS is?

Dudùu XS is a pocket power bank designed to recharge the batteries of the most common communication products (smart phone, tablet, etc.).

Does Dudùu XS work with my phone?

Dudùu XS is compatible with the most common communication devices on the market (Apple lightning / Micro USB C type New Generation / Mini USB).

What is Dudùu XS size and weight?

Duduù XS is 59 mm wide, 50 mm high, 9 mm deep, 32 g weight.

Can I reuse and recharge Dudùu XS?

Dudùu XS power banks are both disposable or rechargeable.

Can I have a product sample?

If you are an individual you cannot have any Dudùu XS sample. If you are a company write to marketing@duduuis.com to be contacted.

Where can I buy Dudùu XS?

You can buy it directly at the online shop www.duduu.eu.

All the curiosities you want to satisfy on our Power Station.


What Dudùu POD is?

It is the fast wireless charger equipped with sterilizer and objects freshener.

Dudùu Pod can recharge your device in a practical and fast way and, if you insert it inside the box compartment, it can sterilize and perfume it through the UV rays system and the ozone diffuser. Moreover, by the appropriate dispenser provided, you can use your essential oils and flavors to perfume your favorite rooms.

Dudùu Pod is the handy beauty farm for your devices and small personal items.

Does Dudùu POD work with my phone?

10W wireless charger function
High speed charging applicable to all smartphones with Qi standard wireless charging, compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / Xs MAX / XR / Xs / X / 8, Samsung Galaxy S20 / S10 + / S10 / S10E / S9 + / S9 / S8 + / S8 / S7, etc.

What is Dudùu POD size and weight?

Weight 0.621 kg
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 6.2 cm
Specification Inner Dimension: 7,6 x 4,1 x 1,1 cm.
Power supply: DC 5 V/2 A.
Power: 2 W (max).
Power (wireless charge): 10 W (max).
UV wavelength: 253,7 nm

What functions does Dudùu POD have?

It is a 3-in-1 multifunction sterilization, disinfection and aromatherapy box, while sterilizing and perfuming it can also quickly wirelessly recharge a predisposed mobile phone.

In fact, the sterilization and perfuming functions take place inside the box, you can insert whatever you want (masks, glasses, pens, devices), while placing the phone, equipped with wireless charging function, on the lid of the box, it will recharge. Quickly.

Can I have a product sample?

If you are an individual you cannot have any Dudùu XS sample. If you are a company write to marketing@duduuis.com to be contacted.

Where can I buy Dudùu POD?

You can buy it directly at the online shop www.duduu.eu.

Our customization service for Dudùu products


What the Custom service is?

The Dudùu product line is totally customizable.

Every product can be enriched by customizing every detail and accessory with the printings and colours of your brand. In fact, personalization can include a combination of colours, photos and brands that will be digitally printed on the product itself. The colour shade may vary depending on the quality of the image chosen for the product itself.

How much does the Customization service cost?

The cost of the customization service varies according to the customer’s needs and it must always be budgeted with the marketing department by sending an email to request an appointment to marketing@duduuis.com.

What the booking service is?

We offer our customers the possibility of making a reservation for items that are currently in production or that are out of stock and for which a rearrangement is planned. When one of these products is ordered, the request is placed on a waiting list.

Shopping without trouble


How many days does it take for shipping?

The days necessary for shipping the ordered product are subject to availability. Normally delivery times may range from 48 hours to 6 working days.

Which shipping agent do you use?

Delivery is carried out by partners shipping companies.

How much shipping costs?

The shipment on the whole Italian territory has a cost of € 15.00. For abroad the shipment changes according to the destination country of the product.


Specifically, the shipping costs amount to € 70.00 per shipment by express courier to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands.


Shipping costs amount to € 70.00 for delivery by express courier to the following countries: Russian Federation, Finland, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Ireland; Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece.


Shipping costs amount to € 70.00 for shipping by express courier to Switzerland.


Shipping costs are € 70.00 for shipping via express courier to the United Kingdom.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by VISA, American Express or Mastercard credit card on the PayPal circuit. The Paypal circuit allows you to make transactions securely, quickly repays you in case of non-delivery of goods ordered and paid by you. You will not communicate your credit card information in any way, but directly to Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account, as long as you have a credit card or a prepaid card belonging to one of the circuits indicated in the image below . For information or to open a Paypal account www.paypal.it

In case you want to make a gift Dudùu provides the ability to send the chosen product directly to the address of the person you want to make a nice surprise. When ordering it is necessary to indicate the address of the recipient to whom the goods will be delivered, remembering to specify it in the notes.

Once the purchase is over, how do I know that everything has been successful?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail that will inform you of the positive result of the purchase. For any information write to support@duduuis.com.

How can I track the order?

Once the order is processed and delivered to the courier, you will receive an e-mail containing the personal personal tracking number, so you can track the shipment and its contents to the address indicated.

When will the amount be charged to my credit card?

The amount related to your order will be charged to your credit card at the time of order confirmation.

Can I request an invoice?

The invoice for your order will be sent by e-mail as soon as you receive confirmation of your order. The items of your orders are sent accompanied by regular tax document.

The prices I see include VAT?

Prices are excluding VAT. In the invoice that you will receive the price and VAT will be separated in their appropriate sections.

How to request the insertion of the VAT number in Invoice, for Italian users?

At the time of registration and after, by accessing your private area, you can enter the data related to your VAT number.

How to request the inclusion of the VAT number in the invoice, for foreign users?

At the time of registration and after, by accessing your private area, you can enter the data related to your VAT number.

In which countries is it possible to send the order?

Shipping can be done all over Europe.

After how long will I receive my order?

The order will be processed within 24-48 hours of receipt. Dudùu commits itself until the product is delivered within 15 working days from the confirmation of order and payment (estimated times in most European countries). Please note that delivery times may be delayed in the case of holidays. Couriers do not make deliveries on 25/12, 26/12, 01/01 and on weekends.

Can I request that the purchase be sent to an address different from mine?

You can ship to an address different from that of the order, provided that this is within the same country where the order was completed. When registering, enter the relevant shipping address to your order. If you are already registered, access your personal area “My Dudùu”, click on “Addresses” and change the item “Send to a different address?” By entering the address relevant to your order.

What is the booking service? Is it possible to indicate a specific day and / or time for delivery?

It is not possible to specify a day and / or time for delivery. All shipments are made by courier making the deliveries according to their own organizational logic and on which Dudùu has no power of intervention. If there is not a person in your home who can sign the delivery receipt, we suggest that you indicate a different shipping address, for example a house with a concierge, an office, etc.

What I have to do if the courier has not found anyone at the time of delivery?

The courier will try 2 deliveries in case of failure to collect you will be contacted by phone.

Our customare service


Can I return the purchased product?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product to condition that it is intact, has not been used and is complete with the original packaging and product label. If you have placed an online order, you can return it entirely or partially within 14 days from the delivery of the package and the invoice amount related to the product or products returned will be reimbursed, including shipping costs.

Can I change the purchased product?

Unfortunately it is not possible to replace the product you bought online. In case you are not satisfied, you can complete the procedures to make the return and, already contextually, proceed with the other purchase on the online shop.

How do I send the return of an item purchased online?

Please remember that the returned can be sent only from the country of origin of the order and that the product must be intact and equipped with the original packaging and product label and must not have been used. The procedures for returning a product are the following: from the “FAQ” section or accessing your “My Dudùu” through the button (LOG IN | SIGNED) on the top right of the homepage, enter the “Request Return” section and enter the identification code of your order, together with your email. Then fill out the return form, selecting the items to be returned and the reason for the return. Use the packaging received to send the goods back to the address of the Dudùu office and make sure to close it properly. Only in the case in which the original packaging is unusable, use a box equivalent in size and strength. Damaged products will not be accepted as returned, even if due to inadequate packaging and / or carriers. Once you have entered the return request you will receive a confirmation from our customer service, only then you can proceed with the shipment. Return shipping costs in case of simple return will not be reimbursed. We will not accept shipments by any means other than what is indicated or charged to the recipient.

Shipping of a return item be charged to me?

You will not have to pay any costs to return your purchase if defective: the return shipment and its return will be entirely charge to duduuis.

When a refund will be made of an item purchased online for the return?

After we have received the returned item and verified the correctness of the return operations, we will send you an e-mail confirmation of acceptance of the return. Once the return is approved, you will receive the amount in the same way that you made the purchase. The currency of the reimbursement depends on the credit card operator with which the payment is made, usually within two statements. With Paypal, however, the reimbursement usually takes place within a few days.



How do you search for a product?

You can browse the site and browse the appropriate product catalog by following the menu main by clicking shop it! The search form indicated with the magnifying glass, allows you to perform a text search on the entire product catalog based on the name and product code.

How many products can I buy?

You can buy up to a maximum of 10 products for single order.

Can I place an order in a country other than the destination?

Unfortunately it is not possible to order in one country and ask for the product to be shipped in another order.

Canceled order

Once the order has been confirmed in all its steps, it will be possible to cancel it, but you can exercise the right of withdrawal within fourteen days of receiving the product. Dudùu reserves the right to cancel the order if it is not possible to verify the correctness of the information regarding the shipping address and the billing information. Dudùu also has the right to cancel an order whose purpose is reselling by the purchaser. In case of cancellation by Dudùu you will of course not be charged any cost.

Refilling the cart obliges me to purchase?

Not at all. You can do all the tests he wants you and then decide not to complete your order despite having inserted products in the cart.

What is the promotional code and how does it work?

The “promotional code” is a discount coupon that is given to you to take advantage of special promotions. The conditions for obtaining this code will be communicated to you through a specific newsletter and / or will be visible on all our fan pages. If you have one, all you have to do is enter the code in the field that you can find on the order conclusion page: the discount will be calculated and displayed automatically.

When you complete the purchase process?

After entering the necessary data for the payment will be sent to the confirmation page of the purchase, containing the number and the date of the order. A thank you message at the center of the page will inform you that the purchase process has been completed successfully. Finally, you will receive an e-mail containing the details of the order you submitted and the confirmation that it has been correctly received.

What does the wording: "awaiting payment" mean in the order history?

The wording “awaiting payment” in the order history refers to uncompleted orders, this wording is only indicative because these orders can neither be confirmed nor canceled. If you want to buy the products in the pending orders, you need to create a new order.



Why do I need to register?

Registration is not mandatory before the purchase and is not necessary to browse the site. You can also make purchases without registration. The registration allows you, however, to access the My Dudùu section and its features: in particular the ability to see in real time the status of your online orders and the history, it also allows you to save your shipping addresses , or if they are changed you can easily modify them. For registered users Dudùu releases specific initiatives and promotions.

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My Dudùu is the section dedicated to registered users, where you can modify personal data and save your address, check the status of own orders, access your order history and have access to specific initiatives and promotions dedicated to those who register.

How do I register?

Per registrarti clicca sul pulsante clicca su carrello in alto nel menu di navigazione a destra. Inserisci i tuoi dati e conferma l’accettazione dell’informativa sul trattamento dei dati personali e le condizioni generali d’uso, poi scegli un username e una password, che saranno le tue personali chiavi d’accesso al sito e per i tuoi futuri ordini.

What if I have lost my username and / or password?

In case you have lost or forgotten your access keys, enter “My Dudùu” by clicking on the shopping cart section, click on “Forgot Password?” And enter your email. In a few minutes you will receive an e-mail with a new password, generated randomly. The shop Dudùu stores passwords in encrypted format, so no one, including the customer care service, has access to your personal password.

Is there a minimum age to buy?

The minimum age to buy any product from the Dudùu range is 18 years old.

Can I change my username and / or password?

You can change your password at any time by entering the “My Dudùu” section where you will find a menu, click “Change password”. Remember that the username used can not be changed and corresponds to the e-mail address you registered with.

Can you change and / or update your registration data?

You can easily modify and / or update your registration data by accessing aria My Dudùu, through the menu item “Addresses”. The data can only be changed before a purchase to ensure maximum professionalism and quality of services offered.

How can I buy a Dudùu product?

Once you find a product you like, click on it with the mouse to access the product details you will see in detail all the related information. To add it to your cart click on the “Add to cart” button. You will be automatically redirected to the first page of the shopping cart, where you can decide whether to complete the purchase or continue shopping for other items. If you decide to continue your purchases, while browsing continue to see the image of the “cart” with its contents, along with the total and current value of your spending. Once you have finished shopping, click on “Buy” to click on the shopping cart and then “Conclude Order”. You can complete the purchase even without registration. You will be asked to choose a shipping and billing address, you will be offered proposed to choose among the payment methods available in your country. Dudùu reminds you that payment is completely secure, as credit card data is protected from unauthorized access by encrypted transfer of SSL data (‘SecureSocketLayer’), not accessible to third parties. Finally, after making the appropriate checks on your transaction, the information on your order will be sent to www.dudùuis.com and a confirmation e-mail will inform you that your purchase has been completed successfully.

Can I check my previous orders?

You can check your previous orders as often as you wish, by accessing your “My Dudùu” area in the shopping cart section, select the menu item “Order history” at the top.

How can I become official distributor of Dudùu?

Become an official dealer and discovering the confidential loyalty program all over the world is very simple. Simply contact us at the e-mail address Marketing@duduuis.com and you will be contacted by one of our managers who will give you all the information you need to join the magnificent world of Dudùu.



Dudùu products have a guarantee?

Dudùu offers to anyone who buys it, a warranty of 24 months starting from the date on the purchase invoice related to all manufacturing defects.

What procedure should I follow to request and take advantage of the repair through the warranty?

During the warranty period, if any defects in material and / or manufacture are found, the damaged item can be returned at Dudùu’s expense, which will repair it or, if necessary, replace it. The procedures for requesting the repair of your article are as follows: from the “FAQ” section, access the “Request Reso” link and enter the identification code of your Dudùu, together with your e-mail address. Then complete the return form, selecting the items to be repaired and the nature of the defect. Returns sent directly to Dudùu will not be accepted if they do not have an authorization number issued directly by Dudùu. For further information and assistance you can contact our customer service: support@duduuis.

How to request spare parts?

To request spare parts you can contact our customer service: support@duduuis.com who will be happy to provide you with clarifications and assistance regarding .

How long does it take to repair?

Repair times vary depending on the amount of goods to be treated and the nature of the work to be done. Indicatively, the warranty repair is performed within 40 days of receipt of the item in the Dudùu technical offices. As regards, however, repairs not covered by warranty, the repair work can begin only when Dudùu will have the written approval to the quotation that was sent to you and the advance payment of the sum expressed in the estimate.

What to do if I want to have Dudùu repaired a non-warranty item?

In case the product is not covered by warranty, the repair can still be carried out, provided the piece to be replaced is available and paid. Dudùu will send the relevant cost estimate for approval. No extra-warranty repair will take place without your prior advance payment consent. The shipment of a product that is not under warranty must be carried out through our partner carrier and will be charged to the customer.

What is the correct way to clean my Dudùu XL product?

For proper cleaning and to make sure that your purchase is stored For a long time, we suggest you follow these simple tips.External cleaning maintenance for cleaning the plex-glass cover we recommend using a sponge moistened with water and neutral soap. Do not apply soap or water directly on the product. Rub gently and then rinse with a clean damp sponge, then dab with a cotton cloth. Leave to air dry, avoiding direct contact with sources of heat or sunlight. To avoid streaks or color loss, do not use chemicals or solvents of any kind. Do not use abrasive sponge. Cleaning inside the Plex-glass Cover will result in the loss of the Dudùu XL product warranty.



There is a customer service dedicated to the online shop?

Our customer service will support you at any time and will be pleased to provide you with all the clarifications and all the assistance you need in every single phase of the online product purchase process and in every phase following the purchase itself through the appropriate Customer Care Department Dudùu Support@duduuis.com.

How to contact customer service Dudùu?

Duduu customer service is at your disposal for assistance or request more information. You can also write to us at the appropriate address support [at] dudùuis.com



Is the data of my credit card protected?

To guarantee you the maximum tranquility Dudùu uses a system of “secure payment”. Your credit card details are protected as they are communicated directly to the bank. From the bank they are then conveyed to international authorization circuits that return the outcome of the transaction and confirm whether the payment was successful. In this way, no person external to the credit institution that manages the Paypal payment can have access to your card details. Moreover, the protection is strengthened by the use of the most widespread security system for data encryption, SSL3 (SecureSocketLayer) with 256-bit Triple Des algorithm, security standard recognized on the network and issued by Verisign.

What happens to my personal data?

Dudùu is committed to ensuring that your personal data remains secure and is not used improperly. To learn more about protecting your privacy, please visit the “Legal Aspects” section of the FAQ.

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