EXPO, a “magnet” of visitors for your stand at the fair

From 15 June, with an awaited decree-law, the Italian government gave the go ahead for the reopening of fairs. After months of absence, you were looking forward to promoting your company and your products and interacting with your customers live and not just through your online showcase.

Do you really want to amaze visitors and make your presence at the fair really productive? We have a very useful tip to make your experience truly beneficial.

There is a device that can make your location attractive for event attendees. A multifunctional device, which allows you to recharge, illuminate and promote your brand at the same time, thanks to the simultaneous presence of a display, a LED lamp and a multiple Power Station equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth, for fast and practical wireless charging.

The exhibitor is able to charge mobile devices of any operating system, making any workstation functional and efficient: desk, info point, reception, stand and adv desk.

In order to focus the attention of visitors, this fantastic device is also transformed into a customizable multi color lamp, designed specifically to focus the attention of customers, who will not only be able to charge their devices, but have a direct focus on your promotion.

In this way you can offer a service to your visitors that will strengthen the positive memory of the event. But not only that, the possibility of charging their devices will allow visitors to get closer and take home the information material you have exhibited. Furthermore, the visibility of your company will be further facilitated by the personalization of the workstations and machines, which can be customized with your company logo.

Visit our shop and discover Dudùu EXPO. Success is guaranteed!



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