Exploring new frontiers of work during Covid-19

After the pandemic, the ways of working will no longer be what they used to be. Companies and employees are moving towards a new idea of ??the future, where work can be done anywhere.

Many companies have allowed their employees to carry out smart-working. What does it mean? The ability to work wherever you want, without the spatial limits of an office.

Covid-19 has made it possible to expand the frontiers of work and space.

As we read in an article by Accenture,

Think of the days when companies started allowing employees to bring smartphones and laptops from home to the office. Companies have had to establish new rules and find new technological solutions, allowing flexibility while decreasing the risk associated with the use of devices over which they did not have complete control. On the other hand, all of this has given employees the opportunity to improve the employee experience, while at the same time creating savings for companies. Today we have gone beyond devices: employees bring entire environments to work. After the pandemic, the BYOE (Bring Your Own Environment) way of working will not be limited to the home environment of employees but will give people the freedom to work seamlessly from anywhere – home, office, airport, third-party office parts and more.”

A consequence of agile work is also the need to recharge one’s devices on the move.

Dudùu offers you a wide choice of portable devices that allow you to always stay connected!

A very innovative idea is our portable charger equipped with a suction cup: small, comfortable and pocket-sized, it allows you to continue using your smartphone even while it is charging. With a simple and innovative design, the wireless charging pad, suitable for all QI wireless charging devices and equipped with Non-slip Ring Set, prevents your phone from falling when it is charging.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an even smarter, eco-sustainable and customizable device, you may buy the XS reusable pocket recharge, the pocket recharge that fits in the palm of your hand, a real concentrate of energy ready to use, that is made of biodegradable materials!

The Dudùu Pod allows you to recharge your smartphone simply by placing it on its surface and at the same time, thanks to the UV rays and the ozone diffuser inside, the device will be sterilized, eliminating germs and bacteria up to 99.9%. Dudùu Pod is also a small beauty farm close at hand, because it also carries out aromatherapy.


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