“Excuse me, may I charge my phone?” Friend restaurateur, we have the right solution for you!

“Excuse me, may I charge my phone?” Friend restaurateur, we have the right solution for you!

The recovery of Italy, almost all in the yellow zone, has seen the reopening of many restaurant businesses, forced to lower the shutters for a long time.
Spring and mild temperatures have aroused in many the desire to return to live and eat or drink something in company.
The photos by the sea are back, as well as drinking a cocktail with friends or colleagues or taking pictures of the dish of the day in your favorite restaurant!
But here comes the nightmare of the dead battery. How to solve this problem? Obviously asking the waiter or the bartender to charge the mobile!
How many cases of mobile phones exchanged, smartphones never loaded, a boy who remains glued to the cashier to write to his girlfriend?

Friend restaurateur, do not panic! We have the ideal solution for you!

We know how to solve this problem, with a product that will allow you not only to avoid boredom in the restaurant, but also to offer a convenient service to your customers.

Our DUDÙU XL allows you to guarantee safety, practicality and functionality to your customers, thanks to the multiple functions contained in a single device.
Dudùu XL power station are charging stations designed to guarantee an unlimited charging source in every place. Compatible with every device of every operating system, they are also configured as multicolor lamps and as very comfortable pocket emptiers, to allow your customers to abandon the fear of leaving their personal items unattended.
Visit our shop and discover all the features of Dudùu XL.


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