Dudùu is

A product line for energy that takes shape and the idea of wanting to set this shape in a product series that goes beyond and join functionality, sustainability and reliability to aesthetics.

Dudùu is the brand that recharges you: it is adaptable and available everywhere, functional for every device.



We aim to pure technology, the one that leads us to sustainable innovation with eco-friendly products.


We aim to useful and functional design, the true one, that adapts to our life and our everyday needs.


Dudùu’s product line has a basic design, which adapts to every environment and atmosphere, and it is easily customizable.


We project and develop efficient and effective product lines to guarantee a maximum recharging, a flawless lighting adaptable to every environment and atmosphere.

We donate the perfect balance between eco-friendly technology and design, privacy and security, everywhere, for every need.

Dudùu XL

Your recharge service, safe and fast

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Multi USB charging cable

Compatibility for every device

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Charging Pad


Innovative recharge

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Dudùu XL

Your recharge service, safe and fast

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XL keyless

Customize your brand security in an innovative way.

Do you aim for innovation and a recharge service that is more convenient for the user and practical for you? Enhance the Dudùu XL power station with the innovative coded and customized electronic lock.

Customize your security with Dudùu electronic locks!

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Let’s work together to grow your business and transform your future.


Give power and light to your Brand.
Dudùu XL power station has a basic design, customizable in details and materials. Give shape to your idea of recharge with your brand prints and colours. Offer your recharging service not only in a fast and safe way, but branded.

switch on power

Recharge and free yourself from every thoughts

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