Innovative and eco-friendly power station configured in actual design objects.
Dudùu XL is a power station illuminated by led lights which you can charge every mobile device with, but also keep your personal stuff.
XL power stations grant a fast and safe charging service with impeccable lightening, suitable to every place and atmosphere.



  • Carefree charging
  • The Dudùu power stations have been designed to provide the customer with a safe and autonomously managed charging service by closing the box with a classic or electronic key. The power station is capable of charging mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and e-readers.


  • The right light for every atmosphere
  • The innovative concept and creative lines transform our illuminated power stations into real design objects that adapt perfectly to any atmosphere. The RGB LEDs technology that allow you to choose from infinite color solutions and a series of effects.


  • The practical solution for storing your items
  • The Dudùu XL charging stations are also practical and capacious coin tray. Safety is guaranteed by a locking system with a classic or electronic key. With the practical UV LED accessory, safety also means having your items sanitized after recharging.


Power supply: 100V-240V • 50/60Hz
Max power: 100W
Lighting system: LED RGB

Built-in charging cable:
Apple Lightning /
Micro USB / Type-C
USB: 2.1

Material: Plexiglass/Aluminum/Glass
Size: 53x36x26 cm
Weight: 13 kg

Accessories Dudùu XL

XL charging stations can be completed with many technological accessories such as digital padlocks or UV-C lamps that sterilize your devices during recharging. Discover the whole range of Dudùu accessories.

Let’s work together to grow your business and transform your future.


Give power and light to your Brand.
Dudùu XL power station has a basic design, customizable in details and materials. Give shape to your idea of recharge with your brand prints and colours. Offer your recharging service not only in a fast and safe way, but branded.

switch your power on

Recharge and free yourself from every thoughts

Lack of energy is not a problem anymore.

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