Dudùu Spider Cup: how does wireless charging with a suction cup work?
The suction cup charging system will allow you to charge your smartphone safely and comfortably

We have already discussed the functionality of our Dudùu Spider Cup, the wireless charging with suction cup: small, convenient and pocket-sized, it allows you to continue using your smartphone even while charging.


But today we will focus on another peculiarity of this recharge, namely the fantastic technology used for this type of portable charger.

Our Dudùu Spider Cup fully recharges the device of any operating system in about two and a half hours, without particular overheating problems.

To allow wireless charging to work properly, the Dudùu Spider Cup must be aligned with the smartphone’s wireless charging circuit; if this is not the case, there will be a drop in efficiency and therefore a loss of “energy”.

Here’s how the wireless charging system with suction cup technically works:

  1. A transmission coil inside the charging base sends a signal.
  2. The signal searches for a receiving coil, such as that of a compatible smartphone.
  3. Once detected, the electromagnetic induction starts.
  4. The electrons (electricity) inside the transmission coil begin to move inside the coil.
  5. This generates a magnetic field, which is detected by the electrons in the receiving coil.
  6. The electrons trapped inside the receiving coil begin to move due to the magnetic field.
  7. This flow of electrons in the receiving coil is practically the electricity that powers the battery in your smartphone.

Suction cups allow a good grip on smooth covers without particular surface ripples (better if the latter are clean).

The Dudùu Spider Cup works best with glass and silicone covers, while it is not functional on leather ones.

In any case, during use, the correct positioning of the Dudùu Spider Cup is signaled by a blue LED positioned inside the latter, while failure to “lock” will be signaled by a red light, representing the obvious message of warning.

Finally, the supplied cable, USB-A type and 120 cm long, will allow us to easily reach all the electrical outlets around the house.

Take advantage of the Black Friday discounts to buy our Dudùu Spider Cup, a practical, versatile and useful object that will allow you to always stay connected!

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