Dudùu Power stations at Homi and PTE 2021

Dudùu participated with its products at the HOMI and PTE 2021 lifestyle fair, we will tell you how it went.

The HOMI fair was held in Milan from 5 to 8 September 2021 simultaneously with PTE – Promotion Trade Exhibition, The Dudùu brand was a partner of both, providing the free recharge service to all visitors with their Dudùu XL and Dudùu stations EXPO.

We have installed 10 charging stations with electronic key in various locations within the fair, an explosion of color, technology and design. Visitors were enthusiastic about the service, many, from all over the world, arrived at the fair with their devices: tablets, smartphones, electronic cigarettes, bluetooth headsets and by mid-day it was already all empty! Lots of photos, lots of videos, lots of contacts and the batteries went down very quickly.

In 5 days of the fair, our stations recharged more than 1000 devices in complete safety. Visitors arrived at the Dudùu charging station, inserted their device, set the security code on the electronic key and continued to quietly take their contacts at the fair, confident that after an hour they would find the recharged smartphone ready to be used for other photos or videos.

Homi hosted over 300 brands with 22 representative countries, many stands full of design wonders and particular objects, which told us about the evolution of lifestyle and how consumer needs are changing. The Christmas area with handcrafted decorations from Bolzano is not to be missed.


New this year “The room of ideas”, a special area set up with the most innovative and revolutionary objects present at the fair, and guess what? Our beauty farm for your smartphone, POD, was chosen as a representative object and made a good impression in the display cabinet dedicated to innovation.


Tecnolaura also came to visit us at the fair and talked about us in one of his posts on Instagram.



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