Dudùu allows you to retain your customers with its products, tailor-made for your brand!

From Dudù Expo to Dudù XL, we build customizable products for your company.

If you want to build a strong brand, design plays a fundamental role, because it is through the first impression that people form an opinion of you.

We all know by now that the word brand does not only define the brand, but everything that contributes to building the image of your business.

A brand with a well thought out and memorable graphic design has a significant advantage over the competition.


According to biologist John Medina, in fact, our brain remembers 10% of textual information after three days of reading it, but remembers 65% if an image is placed next to the text.

Associating a defined and coherent image with a particular brand and combining it with the proposal of innovative products, can generate a memory in the mind of the consumer who can become a potential customer loyal to your brand.

Dudùu allows you to customize its products with your company logo in such a way as to create a mental connection with your customers or business partners and build a lasting relationship with them.

Building a network of relationships is an indispensable factor in retaining your customers.

But the surprises don’t end up here: Dudùu allows you to give a touch of color to your business, customizing your gadgets with the company logo to give your brand a bright identity.


Our Dudùu EXPO, for example, is a multifunctional device, which allows you to recharge, illuminate and promote your brand, thanks to the simultaneous presence of a display, a LED lamp and a multiple Power Station equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth, for fast and practical charging even without wires.

But that’s not all: Dudùu EXPO is also a customizable multicolor lamp, designed specifically to focus the attention of customers, the right light for every environment and the perfect atmosphere at any time.

Our DUDÙU XL, on the other hand, is a fantastic product that allows you to guarantee safety, practicality and functionality to your customers, thanks to the multiple functions contained in a single device. Dudùu XL is an innovative and eco-sustainable charging station configured in a real design object. But not only that: it is also a power station illuminated by LED lights with which you can recharge any mobile device, but also keep your personal items. The XL charging stations guarantee a fast and safe charging service with impeccable lighting suitable for any environment and atmosphere.

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