The smartphone is now necessary as an accessory for all its features, but when the battery of the latter runs out, all the trust we give to the smartphone is lost.

Dudùu found the solution with Dudùu S but has experimented and created another even more immediate device: Dudùu XS!


What is Dudùu XS?

Strengths of Dudùu XS

  • Practicality

  • Fast charge

  • Sustainability

  • Unique

What is Dudùu XS?

Dudùu XS is your emergency powerbank, a real rescue when your smartphone’s battery reaches 1% on a full day. Often the daily activities worry us, making us forget the powerbank at home leaving us at the mercy of events with the possibility of downloading the smartphone. Dudùu XS takes action! You can put it in the dashboard of the car, in a backpack pocket and unexpectedly you will have a solution when needed.

Strengths of Dudùu XS

– The pocket size and minimal size of Dudùu XS certainly makes it very practical. Dudùu XS connects directly to the smartphone without the bulky use of wires. Its lightness allows you to always keep it with you in a pocket without even realizing it.

– Despite its small size, Dudùu XS is powerful and allows you to quickly charge your smartphone. Once the battery of the emergency powerbank is exhausted, the latter can be recharged via the USB input.

– Dudùu XS is made of natural straw plastic, an alternative to environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable plastic to then be used as a fertilizer. Dudùu XS helps you, as much as it helps the environment!

-Dudùu XS, like all Dudùu products, has a basic design that can be totally customized in the details, thus going to insert a name or a personal logo making the product unique and perfect to use as a gift. The device comes in five pastel colors: wisteria, light blue, pink, white and black. Chic and in step with the trends of the moment!

Trova sempre un’alternativa! Ti aiutiamo noi: è Dudùu XS!


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