Digital scary: when digital world is frightening

We look at the progress and we do nothing but innovating, but still not all the time and not everyone is ready to face digital world. From here arise some motiveless fears, which lock in no small way who suffers from them and make hard the connection and the relation with the new era.

Are you not familiar with Digital World’s unmotivated fears? Well, let me introduce them here (Pay attention to the reading and give careful thought: you might recognize yourself in some symptoms)!


It is literally opposed to another fear (that we’ll discuss later): it reflects the fear of the effects of technology’s use.

The dread to be totally incorporated in a tech world, in which we can solve any problem only with tech and we can find solace only in technology, consumes those who are affected by this fear.

Technophobia can be defined as the cradle of other phobias that connect to it, like: cyber-phobia (computer’s fear), telephone-phobia (fear of using telephones), and drosmartoiphobia (fear of the smartphone falling in the toilet).

Keep calm, if you love watching your favorite show on the bed, with a blanket, some tasty food and a computer (Netflix starter-pack), you have nothing to fear.


Maybe it is the most spread: it makes us scream at the sight of our device at 1% of battery, which all of a sudden disconnect us from the network where we are used to orbit, and trigger a pure discomfort in us.

Nomophobia, actually, is the terror of remaining without the extension of our body: the smartphone or the tablet. A fear which puts in evidence the obsessive relation we are capable of having with technology.

Also other unmotivated phobias, which pop out like in a chain reaction, are linked to nomophobia: athazagoraphobia (fear of being forgotten or ignored), atelophobia (fear of being imperfect) scoptophobia (fear of being watched and analysed) and selfiephobia (fear of making photos or selfies).

A vicious, to say the least, circle that needs to be broken!


It’s a fear which concerns strictly informatics or passionate about tech.

Simpler, but still effective, it consists in the fear of forgetting the domain’s renewal. So reminder, alarm clocks and alerts are set. Linked to this fear we find the unnamed fear of not finding our delightful url we searched and selected with cure for the social media.

Do you really thing you could be immune? Or simply haven’t you never dealt with the little details which conduct to the truth of the matter? Maybe these fears aren’t that unmotivated.

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