Design is not a simple word and not anymore just a synonymous of what is cool: it is a brave concept, which characterizes our era. During the time, it was born and it has changed by involving and linking the most varied environments.

Design – the good one – has carved out a place more and more relevant and important, also because it is useful and functional: a full member of our daily life which shall contribute to entirely improve the aspects of our life.


How can we totally reflect the concept of design? What are the productive processes, which make an object itself, and what is its plus?

Not everyone is ready to admit it, but still – in this world, which only seems to mass-produce – artisanal touch is what sublimate and complete real design. In Italy, and not only there, the imperfect beauty of creative hands and minds doesn’t lose ground and, indeed, in this technological era, it is reborn giving new life to this profession.

It is the joining between industry and handicraft, which brings to the best in production and innovation. If, on one hand, there is the capacity of machines and robots to complete in a rapid and precise way difficult production processes, on the other hand there is competence, dexterity, attention for details and human creativity that cannot be replaced.

“Being a craftsman, whatever job you do, means thinking about how much you can grow, developing your skills and having all the time you need to succeed. This does not only depend on motivation, which is important but not sufficient, but on the organizational context: it has to be positive and it has to exploit people, by investing in them in the long run.”

 “The Craftsman” – Richard Sennett

A thought that reveals itself to be current, to say the least. The know-how – like yesterday, today – is still one of the essential ingredients to guarantee the success of products and goods that are useful, functional, aesthetically beautiful and original.

Even if industry goes on and machines can work and produce to the maximum of volume, artisan’s work and touch represent the missing piece to complete the concept of design.

That is how our production cycle, in the cuts and in the manufacture of composition of our design piece, completes with the dexterity of artisans.

Since the beginning, we have believed in this concept, where strength is in numbers and in the imperfect beauty of an idea or of a product.

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