Dudùu POD for your brand

The branding of services, products and gadgets increases the importance of the brand in amongst consumers. It makes the experience with the product unique, it increases customer loyalty, it creates the right affinity, it testifies the originality and uniqueness of the brand.
Customize POD and provide your customers a multifuction product for recharging, sterilize and parfume their device.

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How can you customize Dudùu POD?

POD multifuction capsule has a basic and functional design, perfect for being customized.
An innovative product that will retain your customers.


The internal POD packaging is customizable with the laser marking of your logo in black and white.


As well as the inside, the sides and the profile of the capsule can also be customized through laser marking.


The upper part of the box can be customized with the laser marking of your logo in black and white.

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