Coworking: here you are the focus trends for innovative shared work spaces

The concept of sharing in working spaces is not something new.

What we certainly didn’t expect is the exponential growth and the consequent application of this concept to the physical working environment.

Sharing not only ideas and knowledge but working spaces.


Coworking increases, expands and also changes the way in which workers are welcomed, ensuring  a comfort never provided before.

Therefore, designing shared work spaces means creating a functional, stimulating, hospitable and harmonious comfort space.

How? Here you are three main points to respect and to be inspired by if we really want to enhance a coworking today.

Point n. 1: Comfort and sustainability

Non-believers, take a step back because comfort and sustainability are not opposite, but complementary. Comfortable furniture is essential to ensure the right concentration and the right welcome. The difference for an efficient and effective solution lies in the choice of eco-friendly materials (with low environmental impact) and in an accurate green selection (plant; in general, natural elements help attention and positivity).
Today, a subject like this needs to be faced and the ones who want to look ahead cannot overlook or underestimate the union between comfort and sustainability.

Make your coworking a place where design can be fully expressed and, above all, where sustainability can be truly applied.

Point n. 2: Wellness and lighting

A still underdeveloped theme (from both companies and shared working spaces) that deserves your attention is the combination of well-being and lighting.
Good lighting in the workplace affects more than one might think about the welfare of an office or the well-being of the worker, especially nowadays when there is a strong appearance of eyesight problems.
Working in a properly lit environment (not only for quantity, but light quality too) relaxes, relieves annoying eyesight pains and promotes attention by implementing a positive cycle of emotions.

Focus on the principle of “human centric lighting” to structure coworking areas that offer real well-being and the right conditions to work at full capacity.

Point n. 3: Technology and innovation

“Sure, it’s a cliché! It’s obvious! “- You will say it, but you are not all that good.
Implementing technology and innovation in the coworking world is the step to evolve and enhance a shared working space. In practice, it is about providing workers with everything they need, with the least expenditure of energy and the greatest simplicity.
What we need in this context is the presence of solutions compatible with technological devices and workstations, spaces where technology becomes part of the furniture, ensuring maximum functionality, versatility and flexibility.

Be innovative, offer smart and functional services.

Always loaded, always on the top

A shared working space puts technology and innovation at the service of workers for sustainable comfort. Dudùu XL power stations and Dudù Expo desk displays are charging stations and multicolour LED lamps with electronic lock designed to be adapted to any environment and atmosphere. Ideal for adding a touch of design to your coworking, they are perfect for solving the problem of unloaded devices, offering a fast and safe recharging service.


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