We look at the union of technology and design for a new recharging concept.
A pure technology that leads us to sustainable innovation and a creative, useful and functional design, that adapts to our needs.

Innovative products that look beyond

Creating in a hi-tech view means always entrust pure and state-of-the-art technology.
For Dudùu product lines we have started from pure technology and we pointed to sustainable innovation, making functional and eco-friendly products.
Our power stations rely on efficient and eco-friendly led technology because durable overtime.
Wireless pad and cables make adaptable and compatible for every device’s charge, our power stations.

Actual pieces of design

Creating in hi-tech view doesn’t mean forgetting aesthetics’ part and function.
In Dudùu’s product lines we have united mass production to the artisanal one, aiming to design.
A design, which is not only conceptual, but useful and functional because it adapts to our life and our everyday needs.

Products dressing up as your brand

Dudùu product lines have a basic design that perfectly adapts to every environment and atmosphere, easily customizable.
Power station and accessories are totally customizable for your brand in details and materials.
Also your creative idea of recharging can take shape to provide a charging service, not only fast and safe, but branded.
A series of innovative and customizable products that marks the perfect union between usefulness and design.

switch your on power

Recharge and free yourself from every thoughts
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