Companies are ready to become leaders of the future

In a year of great challenges, an increasing number of companies have become aware that every business is a technology business.

In response to the pandemic, major companies have adapted to change, ushering in a new era of rapid transformation, based on technological innovation.

After the changes caused by Covid-19 companies are preparing to become leaders of the future by making the most of new technologies and starting to build a new vision focused on digital.

As we read in an article by Accenture, “These changes and the influx of new technologies have opened up a new era for companies, where IT architecture is more important than ever and the competition between sectors is a battle between technology stacks. Businesses also have more technology choices available than ever. From multi-cloud applications, new cutting-edge devices, advanced AI models to hardware design: each technological element of the stack evolves into new dimensions.”

We are therefore witnessing a process of democratization of technology, which becomes accessible to a greater number of people, allowing them to optimize their work or to independently address their needs.

Technology is thus becoming a very important tool in the hands of employees, who become an integral part of the digital transformation.

The example of Dudùu XL and EXPO

Dudùu Expo is a multifunction device suitable for different types of companies (from the café, to the dentist, to the nutritionist, to the gym and so on) that allows you to recharge, illuminate and promote your brand, thanks to the simultaneous presence of an exhibitor, a LED lamp and a multiple charging station, for fast and practical charging even without wires.

The main feature of our EXPO is its display function, ideal for completing any working station or promotion and marketing. At the same time, it is able to recharge mobile devices of any operating system making it functional and efficient for any workstation: desk, info point, reception, stand and adv desk.

Dudùu EXPO is also a multicolor lamp designed to focus the attention of customers, who will not only be able to recharge their devices but have a direct focus on your promotion. The device is equipped with RGBW technology that offers high definition color solutions and a series of effects and plays of light that warm and enliven any environment.

But that’s not all: Dudùu EXPO can also be customized with your company logo or simply by applying the name of the professional who intends to promote his work on the device.

Our DUDÙU XL, on the other hand, is a fantastic product that allows you to guarantee safety, practicality and functionality to your customers, thanks to the multiple functions contained in a single device. Dudùu XL is an innovative and eco-sustainable charging station configured in a real design object. But not only that: it is also a power station illuminated by LED lights with which you can recharge any mobile device, but also keep your personal items. The XL charging stations guarantee a fast and safe charging service with impeccable lighting suitable for any environment and atmosphere.

Contribute to Duduù’s technological innovation becoming a leader of the future too!


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