Children and technology: a relationship to be protected and cultivated

Being a parent is not easy, it has not been easy in the past and, certainly, it will not be easy in the future.

Changing contexts and scenarios lead future generations to be born in a world where the presence and weight of technology is heavily increasing.

On one hand, there are the families who, despite being in a digital circle, do not know how to enter their children into the digital world. On the other hand, we find children more and more fascinated by this world that encompasses them, leading them to become skilled “techno babies”.

Their fingers seem to move so consciously on smart phones and tablets screens that you almost wonder: “But, they were born inside it, they were created specifically for this or what !?”

So, the question I am asking you and myself is simple:
“Is this really like this or are we surprised because we have no idea how to fully manage the relationship between children and technology?”

We did not expect it but …

The first ones who blamed the premature overexposure of the new generations to technology are precisely them, the pioneers of Silicon Valley, who exposed themselves. They warned parents of techno babies advising them not to overdo it, but to set rules to make grow in a healthy and protected way the relationship between children and technology.

Last but not least, the late Apple boss Steve Jobs, after the launch of the first iPad, explicitly invited the parenting generation to limit the exposure of children and adolescents to technology.

Reverse psychology or twinges of conscience? We don’t known, but the truth is that Jobs statement is as good and right as ever.

To understand better

In a globalized society where technology is a neutral instrument, it is up to us to give the right interpretation and encourage its proper use.
Let us explain better. Using the technology offer of the last millennium in the right way can have a positive impact on child cognitive psychology. My dear parents, you have to be objective and understand how to make the most of innovations and ensure that they are faithful partners of the long journey that awaits our children.

A good idea and a great first step

No, we don’t make it easy, we simply say that technology is not just a hobby, but a magnificent creative tool that can implement or destroy new generations. Everything lies in knowing how to protect and cultivate the relationship between children and technology since their first steps.
An idea? Definitely, use it together. Playing with children is the healthiest thing a parent can do for the mind and heart of both. Then, if we begin to introduce small spaces of the tech world into the game, holding our children by hand and actively mediating their digital experiences, we are on the right way because it’s at that precise moment that they learn to examine it, understand it and make sense of it.

The bottom line? Don’t leave them alone, the fact that they know how to move a finger on the display does not exempt you from attending that moment. Protect and cultivate this relationship, only in this way you will enhance their experiences and form their identity, preparing them in the best possible way for this innovative and pressing world.

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