Charging has never been easier: try the new wireless charging with suction cup!

Small, convenient and pocket-sized … always carry the new Dudùu wireless charging with suction cups with you and your smartphone will always be charged

Among the new and unmissable Dudùu add-ons, you certainly can’t do without the wireless charger with suction cup. Small, practical and easy to use, you can take it with you whenever you want, keeping it in your pocket or bag.

Compatible with all QC 2.0 / QC 3.0 wireless charging devices, the new Dudùu portable charger is equipped with suction cups that attach to the back of your smartphone so that you can continue to use it even while it is charging.

Unlike other portable chargers, the brand new Dudùu accessory with suction cups is also already equipped with a USB cable, thus making charging even easier and faster wherever you are.

Also this time Dudùu has chosen a minimal and elegant design for a useful accessory to always carry with you.

In fact, we spend more and more time away from home and we continuously use our smartphone also and above all for work, so it is essential that it is always charged and ready for use.

How many times then it happens that even our friends remain without a phone for a while and here instead we have the solution to the problem right in our bag, without the need to look around for someone who can help us.

Like all Dudùu items, the portable charger with suction cup also enjoys 12 months free replacement or complete replacement.

The suction cup cable can also be an upgrade to be integrated into Dudùu products such as XL or Expo.


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