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Some synergies make your company take a qualitative leap, they retain the customer loyalty and make your stores recognisable. Dudùu can create one of these synergies by its products that can be customized, from the cable to lock.

  • Innovative products

  • Fully customizable

  • They light up your brand

A world of opportunities with Dudùu products

Dudùu offers innovative product lines that combine technology with design supporting you for your marketing and communication strategy. That’s what really makes the difference in the relationship with your customer.

Benefit & services


Providing a product, a gadget or a personalized service is synonymous with uniqueness, a must for a winning marketing strategy that retains customer loyalty. This is the reason why Dudùu products can be customized by prints, materials and accessories.


By Dudùu App the consumer will be able to geolocalize the sites connected to his client's activities, and he will be able to increase proximity marketing strategies. Moreover, thanks to our support team, you can request the App customization if you need it.


Every agreement is personalized and commensurate with products demand. The price we offer will let you have profit and convenience margins.


As our Business Partner you will have our product assistance service available 24h for any need or requirement.


Retain your affiliate loyalty

Something more for your affiliate, an innovative product that will differentiate your brand from the others. You can make the difference between one competitor and another by a smart marketing strategy.

Marketing Agencies

Innovative marketing strategies

Implementing the marketing strategy with original and customized products, services and gadgets allows you to increase the engagement rate and retain the target customers loyalty.

Main brand

Light up your brand

Brand reputation takes advantages from customizing products and gadgets with an innovative design. In this way a brand is able to offer unique experiences and solutions to the target customers.

Smart Home

Evolving markets

Today, a simple gesture is enough and any space becomes intelligent, communicating with you and following your wishes in real time, regardless of where you are. All of this is an ever-growing ecosystem of intelligent systems and products.

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