Good intentions: here you are the tech trends for 2019

Progress and evolution, we know that, never stop and even the technological field makes its good intentions list for the new year by drawing up the tech trends for 2019.

The importance of data

To better understand the scenario that it’s set for this year, a first thing we can notice (and which must be noticed) is the link, the file rouge, connecting 2018 and 2019, or the importance of data. The period we are experiencing is special and stimulating. Our mind is constantly bombarded with information, continually placed under the eye of analysts and marketers, assiduously faced with any kind of choices for an increasingly calibrated and meticulous targeting.

The tech trends for 2019

Once the importance of data (and their treatment) has been established, here you are the good intentions of the technological field for this year!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

If you haven’t noticed it yet, you should know that in 2019 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will enter (even more) our lives, breaking even (and above all) in business operations and flows (robots, functions automated, etc.). The ability to innovate given off by the union between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will break into the routine of each one of us speeding up our decisions and, why not, giving us an extra touch of awareness.

Connections: the network increasing and the transition to 5G

In 2019 we will expect an unprecedented peak of traffic. Internet will expand, the demand will continue to grow and we will face a completely new scenario because connection and the way to connect will be new. We will have the same expectation for the mobile field where it is hoped the transition to the 5G protocol.

Companies come into play too

The game of progress and innovation is difficult, so infrastructure and networks can not grow without the help of companies.
During 2019 more and more companies will have to focus on providing users with their own devices from anywhere, at any time, through multiple domains. It’s the transformation capacity of the company network that will guarantee the user always new and high quality experiences.

Don’t forget Blockchain

In spite of many cons, Blockchain is a system that will continue to take off, assuming a fundamental role outside the company context too. Looking further, it is expected for 2019 that each cloud service provider will have implemented the Blockchain system.


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