Branding and customization that is to say uniqueness

The goals to which more or less we all aspire are the same, that is: increasing the brand importance for the consumer, making unique his experience with our products, gaining customer loyalty by right affinity, amplifying and enhancing the Brand Image more and more.

Un bisogno, quello della ricarica del dispositivo per lo svapo e per fumare, sempre più diffuso e (di sicuro) un servizio da offrire che non può mancare negli ambienti e nelle location di ogni settore.

Sono questi gli obiettivi ai quali, di fatto, aspiriamo un po’ tutti.

Which is one of the way to go to reach all these goals in our digital era? The answer is the customization of the services, products and event gadgets.  Customization helps in increasing the brand uniqueness and, together with the correct marketing mix, it can become one of the best way to go.

Let’s make things clear…

We all should be well aware of the abilities of our activity and, above all, of the means we have in our disposal to aim for the top. But it is not always like this so, before we go further, let’s make things clear starting from basic concepts:

– The brand is the name, the symbol or both which identifies your product/service;

– The Brand awareness means how the brand is known ;

– The Brand Image is the customer perception about the brand. The brand image is something to consolidate and strengthen in order to highlight brand values that represent the difference between the brand and its competition. Another important concept linked to the brand image is the brand reputation.

Once we made clear these concepts, we can say that a successful brand has a recognizable, well defined and distinct image that customers can easily identify.

Customization play

Reaching a top level, of course, comes from a constant and consistent work on the brand image and on its uniqueness. It is in this context that customization goes into the action. In fact, the branding of services, products and gadgets becomes an integral part of the customer loyalty process attesting the brand originality and uniqueness.

The customization as experience for emotional connection

The path of customization brings the customer or the service user to have an experience with the brand and this experience leads later to an emotional connection. From the aura of exclusivity comes the possibility of getting the best by your own creativity and uniqueness.

Per capirci meglio…

Why it is useful branding your event from gadgets to the offered services

It could seem insignificant or with no sense but, even while planning an event (and especially during the event), it is always useful to include the customization of gadgets and services offered to the audience. Even in the digital era, these customer care kindnesses contribute to definite the context, they give a quite different tone to the brand image. Offering an innovative and customized service is one of the possible way to go to give users the right perception of uniqueness.

The importance of customized corporate/business gifts

Another successful strategy to try is being able to set a customising plan concerning corporate/business gifts too. In fact, customized business gifts represent and mirror the company not only in the relationship with the customers but, in the relationship with partners and employees too. Once again, the value of the offered experience has a really important role. Giving custom designed gadgets and business gifts that call the brand concept back is like giving uniqueness to the customers.

Discover how to dress design and innovation thanks to our customization service

Dudùu products have a basic design that can be easily and highly bespoke to give you the chance to offer a quick and safe service that is branded too.

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