Boom in online sales: is it the beginning of a new era in the retail sector?

Retail sector has suffered a big stop in sales that now represents a new opportunity, long live the online sales!

The unexpected lockdown on  March 2020 has left us confused and apparently without hopes. Everyday life and habits suddenly stopped.

From out of nowhere  children and students began to have online lessons and adults started smartworking. Retail sector  has suffered a big stop in sales: not all the little local shops had an ecommerce or were prepared to sell in another way. Because of Coronavirus all the shops had to close and this situation has been very dramatic for a lot of people.

It didn’t take long to understand that, despite all, people needed normality and continued shopping…online!

A lot of shops moved from depression to success thanks to the boom in online sales.


The risk of contagion and the restrictions adopted by governments have encouraged people to buy online, a very useful way to avoid contact. 

This important turning point in retail sales culture has represented  for a few weeks a simple improvisation, but at the end of the lockdown it has become a new opportunity for shops, with new roles within a company, ecommerce websites  and online sales through social networks.

Have we found ourselves in e new era in the retail sector? Let’s discover it day by day looking at our buying habits.



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