BLUE – Meaning and properties of the color

Symbol of harmony and balance, and calm, the blue color has the power to relax bringing balance in the emotional sphere. It transmits, in addition, a certain sensitivity bringing the individual to be more vulnerable to any “external” attacks. The Blue has the ability to normalize the heart rate and pressure so tending to relax the body and to remove the sense of anxiety.

The personality according to the Blue

Those who prefer the Blue color is an individual with deep feelings, calm and with a strong ability to find their inner balance. It ‘a person who makes the ideals their attacks and find stability thanks to its attachment to tradition. Not why those who love the Blue color can be considered a person unwilling to change. In contrast, the Blu person turns out to be basically responsible for the ups and downs that life presents. Generally, the person who loves the Blue tends to avoid environments particularly chaotic and wrathful people.

The person who rejects the Blue is usually anxious and feels that his qualities are little appreciated. It shuns any situation that make his unrewarding life and all environments where you do not feel in harmony. It tends to get depressed if all that surrounds it is not appropriate to his way of thinking and way of life which he has imagined for himself.


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