BLACK – Meaning and properties of the color

The color Black is the negation of color par excellence and is the boundary that marks the end of life phase. The Black then expresses denial for the future life with consequent refusal to struggle, denying the reality in which one lives resulting rebellion and aggression. The black color gives a sense of sacrifice, tenacity, pessimism, self-sacrifice and determination in pursuing their goals.

The personality according to Black

Those who prefer the color Black argues that the future brings scarce favorable opportunities and is convinced that the responsibility of all is the world in which he lives and society. From these hidden beliefs it follows a seemingly defeatist behavior that can result in angry rebellion.

Whoever divorces Black wants to express the desire for freedom and not to be controlled by others, not to be dominated, and not giving up anything. Usually those who reject black flaw of altruism and, indeed, often demands from other much more than they can do for others.

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