Black Friday: the true story of the most popular shopping day of the year

Black Friday, the biggest sales event of the year, will be back on November 27th, and we are all waiting to get the best deals on the market.

How did Black Friday start?

The famous sales weekend, which follows Thanksgiving Day and begins on November 27 this year, was conceived by Macy’s department stores in 1924 to officially start Christmas shopping, immediately after Thanksgiving day.
But “Black Friday” only became an official American tradition in the 1980s.

The history behind Black Friday

The first-ever use of “Black Friday” was in reference to the fact that, when shops in the US recorded their accounting details by hand, they noted profits in black and losses in red. It is thought that many shops were “in the red” throughout most of the year but they later “went into the black” the day after Thanksgiving, when shoppers bought a significant amount of discounted merchandise.

However, according to another theory, on Black Friday’s day, the thousands of Americans attracted by discounts caused traffic on the streets and congestion in shops and the Friday was so bad that it was “black”.

Not only Black Friday

Over the years, the craziest sales day of the year has been extended to the whole week, followed by Cyber ??Monday, dedicated to discounts on online stores.

Dudùu Black Friday’s Deals

On the occasion of this super week of pre-Christmas sales, Dudùu offers you up to 40% discount on its devices.

Our DUDÙU XL KEYLESS, discounted by 20%, is available for you at € 708 instead of € 885 (excluding VAT).
With this fantastic product you guarantee safety, practicality and functionality to your customers, thanks to the multiple functions contained in a single device.
DUDÙU XL KEYLESS is not just a charging station for mobile devices of any operating system, but, at the same time, it is also equipped with energy-saving LED lamps and a lock with key to keep personal items. But DUDÙU XL KEYLESS can be also customized with company logo and graphics.

But our offers don’t end up here!

Dudùu Pod, the device that sanitizes, recharges and eliminates bad smells from your device, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria that settle on your smartphone, is discounted by 30% and will be yours for € 34.00 instead of € 48.36 (VAT excluded).


Our Dudùu EXPO, the device that allows you to recharge, illuminate and promote your brand at the same time, thanks to the simultaneous presence of an exhibitor, a LED lamp and a charging station, will be yours for € 315 instead of € 349 (Excluding VAT), with a 10% discount.


Dudùu XS, the immediate and pocket top-up, is 40% discounted and will be yours for € 2.94 instead of € 4.90 (excluding VAT).


Dudùu Spider Cup, wireless charging with a small, convenient and pocket-sized suction cup, is discounted by 10% and available at € 18 instead of € 20 (excluding VAT).


Do not miss this opportunity, visit our e-shop and run to buy an original and useful item to leave both your colleagues and customers speechless!


Come and discover our unique products, the perfect combination of design, innovation and uniqueness.


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