Be Plastic Free

An alarm triggered a long time ago has already become a global emergency. Plastic is invading our beaches and green spaces of our planet so it is a true threat and not only a utopia.

The numbers and the rate of plastic pollution increase more and more and flora and fauna are affected by it. Crystal clear water is contaminated by bags, caps, cups, cigarette filters; resigned animals survive and coexist with micro-plastics and with the risk of ingestion and not only.


It’s good to realize that the connection between plastic and pollution implements a vicious circle hard to break, so we need to act in a timely manner.

Currently Europe, like others, has taken upon itself the commitment of the launch of a legislation, which reduces the use of single-use plastic. The prefixed targets require, not later than 2030, recycle and re-use of all the plastic packaging and the reduction of micro-plastic use.

The associations, which move to the shout more and more high of Plastic Free, are not to be outdone. The fight to single-use plastic, not for nothing, has been the theme of the World Environment Day, held on the 5th of June with the slogan #BeatPlasticPollution.

In the month of July, from the 3rd to the 8th, Greenpeace has organised the Plastic Free Week. A week, which have seen dislocated events on all the Italian territory with the intent of raise awareness in the public opinion on the theme of plastic pollution.

Not a simple expression, but a slogan. Plastic Free revolves around a movement that takes place and expresses its voice: the truth is that we can do less of plastic.

Best practice: 4Ocean

An idea that was born from two boys with a common passion for sport and sea: Alex and Andrew, founders of 4OCEAN, the association that is promoting cleanness of beaches and seas.

This adventure has started in rage and passion but it has changed in an organization of 75 employees, hundreds of volunteers, with launched projects in more than 20 countries and fleets of watercrafts with crew ready to fight pollution and clean seas in the world. What are the association budgets for 2017? It has been collected 115 tonnes of waste ca.

The development of the association, currently, is based on donations collected from sales of bracelets with the cost of 20$, made with 100% recycled material. The motto is “One bracelet one pound”, because for each sold bracelet, 4Ocean removes one kilo of garbage from the oceans.

A direct approach to the problem that can involve everyone, no excuses!

Dudùuis… plastic free

We also couldn’t resist the calling and we fully adhere to Plastic Free movement, using our no-plastic, but plexi, products.

Our productive processes, actually, are based on the using of bi-component material and on an energy saving technology, trying to minimise the impact on the environment.

Innovationtechnology and design can and must look at the sustainable development because being eco-friendly it’s the best practice!

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