At Christmas, light up your business with Dudùu products
From Dudùu XL to Dudùu EXPO, make a beautiful and useful gift to your company or to your business partners, to always stay safe and connected!

Tired of the usual Christmas gadgets and common Christmas gift ideas? Dudùu has the right solution for you to leave your employees and your customers speechless!

If you are looking for a small but functional gadget, you can only choose our Dudùu EXPO 3 in 1: thanks to a single device you can recharge, illuminate and promote your brand; in a single object you will have a display, a LED lamp and a Power Station.

The display function will allow you to promote your brand by highlighting its promotions, catalogs and products. At the same time, both you and your customers can recharge your electronic devices, of any operating system, thanks to a multiple charging station equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth, for fast and practical charging even without wires.

But that’s not all: Dudùu EXPO is also a customizable multicolor lamp, designed specifically to focus the attention of customers, the right light for every environment and the perfect atmosphere at any time.

If you want to make a qualitative leap, your choice can only fall on our Dudùu XL, an innovative and eco-sustainable charging station configured in a real design object.

Dudùu XL is a power station illuminated by LED lights with which you can recharge any mobile device of any operating system, but also keep your personal items safe.

How many times do we let ourselves be attacked by the fear of leaving our devices charging without being able to check that they are safe? Dudùù XL lightens your pockets and your mind in all serenity!

But the news does not end up here: the Dudùu XL Power Stations are also configured as customizable multicolor lamps, transforming themselves into real design objects that adapt perfectly to any environment!

For Christmas, make a different choice, a unique and functional gift to allow your customers or employees to always stay connected and safe!


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