Aromatherapy: when smartphones take care of your wellness

When a little box has three essential functions for your smartphone…let’s discover Dudùu Pod

Smartphone is our best friend: it wakes us up in the morning, we can work with it, we can pass our free time with it…we could say that it takes care of us and of our wellness!

Don’t you agree that it could be great if it could also provide aromatherapy

With Dudùu Pod dreams come true! Dudù Pod is a little box that you can bring with you and it can perform three main functions at the same time. You can put your smartphone on the box to recharge it or you can put it into the box to sterilize it or to have aromatherapy.

Actually Dudùu Pod provides also aromatherapy, a branch of alternative medicine, that has got an important well-being function to the organism.

Aromatherapy doesn’t treat any disease but it gives you relief and good mood thanks to the sweet perfumes that it gives off.

Smartphones, when they aren’t linked to work, are usually considered our “best friends”, because of all their functions that keep us company a number of hours every day. It’s not small feat that thanks to Dudùu Pod smartphones can now give us the same effect of one hour spent into a wellness centre.

Aromatherapy is relaxing, it frees your mind and gives you the right energy to face up a stressing day.

With Dudùu Pod you will have a quick and wireless charge on your smartphone and it will be completely sterilized from bacteria and viruses. Finally thanks to aromatherapy you’ll spend a few minutes in a relaxing mood, as if you were in a spa. 


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