Apple Marina Bay Sands: the new Apple store in Singapore is on the water

Just a few days ago Apple introduced the Apple Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the American multinational company leave all breathless again Apple stores design is famous and appreciated all over the world, but now the American brand has surpassed itself. A few days ago Apple introduced its new Apple Marina Bay Sands, a beautiful store with a dome inspired by the roman Pantheon and built entirely in glass, with an amazing 360° view on the city. The Apple Marina Bay Sands is the third Apple store in Singapore, but from an architectural point of view it is better than all the others. This huge dome that floats on the water  is full of trees that create a beautiful play of lights and shadows in the store. The store is devided into three sections: the first one is located outside and the client/visitor can walk on it along the riverside to enter the building; the second section is the real store with ten display tables an a forum for meetings; what leaves you completely brethless is the underwater tunnel through which you can join the meeting and the exposition rooms: it really seems to be underwater! 114 glass panels filter the lights into the store and reflect the Downtown Core Skyline and the water movement. The Apple Marina Bay Sands replaces in an excellent way the Avalon, the well known night club of Singapore closed few years ago.


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