Apple launches a patent that aims to build a display on each key of the keyboard

Apple never stops surprising us.

This time, the makers of the iPhone, have launched a patent that will improve the typing experience in its range of MacBook devices.

The patent mentions a “reconfigurable” keyboard that includes a small built-in display on each key. This will allow users to modify the latter according to their preferences. This feature could be really useful if someone wanted to change the MacBook keyboard layout when typing in a different language.


This could also help Apple make a single MacBook more relevant to more users around the world and in different regions. The patent adds that the keys can incorporate custom key labels such as multimedia controls or programming shortcuts. Additionally, using a display on each key could drastically improve the visibility of key characters in different lighting conditions and viewing angles.

The new keyboard would, therefore, be very useful for those who are passionate about games.


The most interesting part is that Apple uses games as one of the reasons to justify the “reconfigurable” keyboard. “It may be desirable to dynamically reconfigure keyboards … to temporarily convert a standard keyboard into a gaming keyboard where the keys correspond to particular game actions.”

However, it is just a simple patent that only describes Apple’s intentions to work in that area. It doesn’t confirm in any way whether Apple will actually launch such a device in the future.


Apple and other tech giants are continuously filing patents. And this may be just one of the new ideas the company is currently exploring.


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