Anxiety as a gift? Keep calm, here are some tips, surprise guaranteed!

Like every year, in these periods, gift anxiety begins …

Crazy races left and right to choose the perfect gift and then you always arrive on Christmas Eve to buy the usual scarf or worse, pajamas!

The advice is quite trivial: think about it in time! But we also want to give you some practical suggestions and then here are 5 smart ideas for your Christmas gifts.

1. For the friend, the mother, the boyfriend who is a bit hypochondriac.

The perfect gift is the POD, the beauty farm for your smartphone that sterilizes and perfumes any object inside. Plus, it wirelessly charges your mobile phone super fast. You can personalize it with the name of the hypochondr … emhn of whoever will receive your gift, for the perfect surprise.

2. For all Apple Addicted.

Here is the perfect gift for those who just can’t do without an “apple” a day: Surf Mat. The 3-in-1 charging pad. Charges your Apple smartphone, iPOD, and apple watch with just one device. Goodbye to three sockets and tangled wires, just the Surf Mat, it’s pocket-sized and perfect on the go. You can also customize this with the name of whoever will receive it, a gem.

3. For those who never want to stop playing.

Do you have a friend, a child or a boyfriend who just can’t get off the screen when Candy Crush is on? Then Spider Cup is what you were looking for. This wireless charging cable has suction cups, attaches to the back of the smartphone and you can charge it with maximum freedom of movement. Ready to break the record without compromise with the battery?

4. For music lovers.

For all those who love to immerse themselves in the sensations given by an excellent listening, there are the Sound Up headphones. There is no noise that can disturb because with the ANC, the Sound Up headphones offer an immersive listening experience. Accompanied by the Stand Tree, they are perfect for the desk or bedside table. You can place your smartphone on the stand which will recharge it wirelessly and you can continue listening to your favorite playlist on Spotify for hours.

5. For control freaks.

For this category you can choose the perfect gift in the Smart Home category. Led lights with a thousand colors that can be adjusted by remote control by choosing intensity and lighting effects, or the Wireless camera that controls everything that happens in your absence via the app, or the IR remote control that transforms your old air conditioners into remotely controllable smart appliances. The perfect gift for those who want to have everything under control.

In short, we have a choice for all tastes, go to: Shop Dudùu and choose the perfect gift for those you love.


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