An app to fight epidemics: welcome Immuni

Thanks to Immuni your health is under control round the clock, let’s discover how it works!

Immuni is the new app created by the Italian Government to fight epidemics, you can download it on your smartphone. It’s very simple to use and it doesn’t injure your privacy.

Immuni is based on Bluetooth Low Energy Technology, so it can’t neither access to your geolocation data nor to your name, email  and other personal data.

When you go out you have just to turn on your up to feel more protected…how does it work? Immuni sends you a  message if you meet a person who has been diagnosed with the virus, that spread all over the world at the beginning of this year.

During quarantine, between February and May, experts has thought how technology could help human race in this incredible moment. This is why Immuni was invented, a simple app that without injuring our privacy inform us about the risks and exhort us to  isolate and call as soon as possible our family doctor in order to not risk our neighbours lives.

The main issue that we are living  with Coronavirus is its fast spread. Immuni is important because it warns us against contagion, in order to take care of ourselves immediately.

Through the centuries technology has always been helpful also in the health field and today we are attending to a true evidence  of how an instrument as a smartphone can become  so fundamental in our life thanks to an app as Immuni.

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