Always one step forward: here you are 2019 visual trends

Creativity is always a step forward and trends are moving and changing offering scenarios that we might not have imagined.

Besides tech and design, visual trends take importance too and it becomes a category that should not be underestimated if we want to be able to really capture the interest of our audience.

The visual communication that impacts the viewer’s attention for this 2019 has its own characteristics and key concepts to be respected, here you are some very interesting ones that we have captured and grouped.

2019 Visual trends

Key concept: customization

Rather than a key concept, content customization is a must. In the age in which we are no longer sure of our privacy and the overload of information is on the agenda, at least we expect from advertisers and marketers the customization of contents. The data must be analyzed to offer real value to the end user.
In this regard it is interesting to keep an eye on the trend and the possibility of co-creating content with the target audience. A personalized experience is something more you can offer to get the most of attention and not fall into ad-blindness.

Key concept: audacity

Courage is always rewarded because it can lead to new and often unexpected things. Surprising the user means knowing how to break out and if you want to do that, you have to dare and be bold. An unconventional approach can save a communication campaign from failure and avoid the oblivion in which all the worthless and unoriginal contents end up.

Key concept: nostalgia

Memory gears move so many emotions in users’ mind. For this reason, focusing on nostalgia can be a 2019 visual trend to be seized. It is all about doing it in a piqued, unobtrusive and veiled way. A palette of colours, the mood of the image, the showing technique, even a simple reference, can attract and influence your audience in the right way.

Key concept: interaction

Nobody loves a static content, the ones who still tolerate it will soon leave you. Therefore, another key word for 2019 visual trends is interaction. Giving the user a reason “to play with you” or “to discover you” is the right way to follow. It’s all about structuring this path in a creative and, as we said before, customized way. A very good example for this key concept is the web design and its evolution. Modern interfaces allow the user to interact like we’ve never done before.

Key concept: sustainability

By the progress of technology many users feel detachment from the physical world. So, in this context, the consumer is pushed to seek balance through nature and sustainability. Taking a position on these issues and enhancing sustainability becomes a winning strategy because it brings the consumer attention on you, without wishing to neglect the increase of positive perception of your activity.


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