All you need to know about Dudùu Smart wifi universal IR remote

There are devices that make our life much more comfortable, one of these is undoubtedly the smart remote control by Dudùu that manages to make even the old household appliances “intelligent”.
But let’s see in detail what it is and how it works.
Dudùu smart universal IR remote control transforms your smartphone into a universal remote control through the Tuia app and is compatible with over 80,000 devices from famous brands including Samsung, Sony and Philips.

TV, home theater, sound bar, DVD player, air conditioner and more can be controlled through this tiny device that makes them “communicate with your smartphone” with infrared rays, practically replacing the original remote control.

Why is it useful? If you have a non-smart air conditioner at home, this little gadget will allow you to make it so, so you can control your air conditioner remotely, even when you are away from home with your smartphone, and when you return you will find a home that is already fresh and welcoming. It works with voice commands Alexa or Google Assistant or Siri, just say, for example: Alexa turn on the television!

Installation is child’s play.
The Dudùu smart universal IR remote control is very small, with no clutter, you place it near the device you want to control, configure it with your home wi-fi network and that’s it.


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