Today the smartphone is the tool with which we spend most of our time: a real extension of our body. But is it right to rely 100% on it (and its battery)?

From Luca to Gabriele, 3 situations that they might not have experienced if only they had had the powerbank.

Unlike a diamond, the smartphone battery isn’t forever (sadly). The thousand functions of our mobile phones move them far away from the old phones of which it was possible to forget the charger even for several days. Making calls, surfing the internet, making video calls, using the navigator are now daily activities, but unfortunately they accelerate the depletion of the battery. Who hasn’t ever been abandoned by their smartphone in time of need due to a dead battery? And despite having lowered the brightness, removed the vibration and activated the energy saving, the red “low battery” light continues undaunted to flash in front of our eyes, sending us into panic.

Luca, 35 years old. “A series of unfortunate events”

“A year ago, immediately after graduating, I started sending CVs to try and get to work soon. After a couple of months, I was assigned an interview in a company in Bologna, about a 2-hour drive from my city. The night before the interview I had forgotten to charge the phone so when I woke up the battery was already at 10% but I was convinced that it would not be a problem since I would have to use it as little as possible during that day. The trip was going great until I heard a small pop: I had a flat tire. I slowly reached the nearest lay-by, convinced that I would find the spare tire which, with much disappointment, had not been put in its place as usual. Instinctively, I pick up the phone, start looking on the internet how to behave in these cases and look for the emergency number, but just when I’m about to call the phone, it switches off in front of my eyes. I just had to ask for help. Cars went by and no one stopped. It seemed like an eternity had passed when finally a lady pulled over and seeing me in trouble, telling her my phone was dead, called the Roadside Assistance. As if the situation weren’t bad enough, after waiting for the Road Rescue Service for an hour, after changing the tire, the moment of payment arrives. Obviously I didn’t have many contacts with me, but I could have easily paid with the card if it weren’t for the fact that I had marked the PIN in the notes of the phone as a reminder (very wrong even in case of theft). I therefore had to leave my documents as a guarantee. I could not notify by telephone of the delay to the interview and not even my mood was the best to try my luck going there anyway. So in a moment I found myself without documents and without a probable job. “

Claudia, 22 years old “It’s not what you think”

“I had met this guy on Tinder, after several weeks of talking via text we had decided to meet in Rome (his hometown) since I lived in a small town where there wasn’t much to see. Very organized, I leave in the morning around 10, not considering the traffic situation. Having never gone to Rome by car, I had to rely on Google Maps and my smartphone which by 11:30 had already reached 30%. Not caring about the battery already almost empty I continued to keep me company in traffic with music from the phone, news on social media, chatting from time to time with that boy. We had decided to meet outside at a bar that I didn’t know about. At 12 the crime happens. Phone dead, turned off, irrecoverable. I rummage in my bag for the charger but a flash in my mind still remembers it plugged into the living room socket. I manage to get to Rome but having neither the location of the bar, nor remembering its phone number, I find myself wandering around the most IN bars trying to at least remember the name of the place. Our meeting was at 12:30, it was 4pm and I hadn’t found either the bar or the boy. Needless to say, when I finally found a shop that would lend me a charger, once I contacted the guy with a “It’s not what you think” I found myself in front of at least 30 missed calls and too many messages, including the last one “I didn’t expect it at your place. I thought you were coming. Goodbye ”and obviously he had blocked me everywhere. I just have to go home, aware that I have lost an entire day. “

Gabriele, 44 “It had to be a secret”

“After nine months of waiting, I was finally able to meet my daughter. Obviously, I had spent the night in white keeping company while watching a series on my phone. When my wife called I was super thrilled. Due to the pandemic, I was the only one who could access the hospital with her, so it was my job to take the first official photos of my daughter to share with the family. I run to the hospital without thinking about anything else. I realize I have the phone at 5% but I didn’t have time, I thought it wouldn’t be important because I had everything I needed at that moment. I was one step away from taking my daughter’s first ever photo when the phone went out in front of my eyes. I could not contact anyone, nor inform and reassure the family. I had to wait an hour before being able to see my daughter again and be able to take a picture of her with the phone charged thanks to a nurse’s power bank. Obviously I couldn’t say this because they would have labeled me as irresponsible and the photos sent were passed off as having just been taken. “

Do not live the situations of Luca, Claudia, Gabriele and many others… always carry our DUDÙU S and the XS emergency powerbank with you!


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