5 secrets to extend your phone’s battery life

The smartphone has become our life partner. Our whole world is contained in a single device. A small computer at your fingertips.

But how to keep our smartphone always charged?

Here are 5 tips to always stay connected!

  1. Reduce the brightness of the screen. Android and iOS devices use a large amount of power to light up the screen, especially if the brightness level is very high. Reduce the brightness level to the minimum to conserve the remaining battery charge.
  1. Turn off the Bluetooth connection and GPS. There is no need to keep these two services running when you are not using them! By leaving the Bluetooth connectivity active, the remaining battery charge will be reduced even when the smartphone is not connected to any device.
  2. Activate the “Energy Saving” mode. When the battery is running low, you can preserve it by activating this mode which will allow you to save time before the battery runs out completely!
  3. Turn off device vibration. Did you know that the vibration needs more energy than the ringtone? If possible, turn your smartphone to silent mode or just use the ringtone.
  1. Use our Dudùu Spider Cup. Dudùu Spider Cup is a portable charger equipped with a suction cup: small, convenient and pocket-sized, it allows you to continue using your smartphone even while it is charging!
    Compatible with all QC 2.0 / QC 3.0 wireless charging devices, the new Dudùu portable charger is equipped with suction cups that attach to the back of your smartphone!
    Unlike other portable chargers, the brand new Dudùu accessory with suction cups is also already equipped with a USB cable, thus making charging even easier and faster wherever you are.
    Also this time Dudùu has chosen a minimal and elegant design for a useful accessory to always carry with you.


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