The opening of a new business premises can definitely lead to many questions like “Will it be okay?” What changes can I make?” ” how to combat competition?”.

One of the most important factors to make a local stand out, surely remains the quality of the services that are offered and above all the attention to the customer. As the saying goes “you always go back where you were good”: for example, owning a charging station (and not only!) in your local means making sure that the customer has everything he needs.

But let’s see what are the 5 good reasons why to have Dudùu XL in your business premises! 

Save your customers’ devices from 1%

It happens very often to be around throughout the day using smartphones and other devices. The battery is not infinite and therefore not having a charger or powerbank it is difficult to keep the devices on. Dudùu XL is the perfect alternative for your local to overcome this problem of your customers. They can wait for their devices to recharge in peace while they make use of what the local has to offer.

Light up your own place

The presence of an RGB LED lighting system allows you to choose from many color solutions depending on the concept of your room. This makes the environment unique and attractive. In addition, LEDs also reduce consumption thanks to energy savings.

Safety in a playpen

The use of Dudùu XL can be used not only as a refill but also as a pocket emptier. Your customers can leave their personal belongings with peace of mind thanks to the locking system with classic or electronic key. Often in the absence of bags, backpacks or fanny packs we usually store keys, wallets, tissues and anything else necessary inside the pockets. Dudùu XL copes with this inconvenience and acts as a strong cash!

Sanitizer function

Thanks to UV LEDs, objects inside the power station will be sanitized. Keeping the devices we use clean every day is important especially in a period when the terms sanitizing and sanitizing have become almost daily. UV LEDs inhibit viruses and bacteria and remove odors.

Increase the satisfaction of customers

Pampering customers and thinking about their well-being is definitely a reason to stay longer in a local and will certainly affect the experience and consequently the ability to return to visit a place having found themselves well. Dudùu XL has a small size so it is perfect to be placed even at the entrance of your local: you will attract those who struggle with the phone battery that marks red!

Do you have a business premises? Dudùu XL is what you and your team need!


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