1 € per day, charging stations have never been so advantageous

From today it is possible to rent Dudùu charging stations for 1 euro per day! You read that right, from today you can have all the advantages of the Dudùu charging stations at the cost of a coffee or a cappuccino.

In addition, you will have technical assistance included, possibility of redemption after 12/24 months, total deductibility of rental fees, product customization with your brand. Technical assistance and any spare parts are included for the entire duration of the fee.

Dudùu EXPO, XL and XL KEYLESS for you at rental prices never seen before!

What are the advantages of these devices?

– Portable chargers for your devices and those of your customers;

– Multi Led lamps to attract the attention of visitors;

– Convenient and safe empty pockets.

Why can renting be a convenient solution for your company?

– Offering a new and captivating service allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and to attract and retain the customer towards your business.

– The satisfied customer recognizes the advantage of a new service offered. Your business becomes recognizable and your visibility towards the market increases.

– Satisfied customer: you have solved a real problem that worries everyone: the fear of a dead battery.

– Design: you have eliminated the mess created by scattered cables and wires thanks to a design object that adapts to any environment and completes the decor of your room.

– Longer stay in the restaurant: the customer will always prefer a place capable of satisfying more needs and with a greater offer of services created specifically for him.

– Privacy and security are no longer a problem, but a certain advantage that you can guarantee through the personalized locking mechanism.

What is the right environment for Dudùu XL or EXPO?

So far our customers who have used Duduu XL or Expo in their business have benefited greatly in terms of visibility and customer loyalty.

As you probably know, our EXPO is a display capable of charging mobile devices of any operating system, making any workstation functional and efficient.

Dudùu EXPO is also a multicolour lamp designed to focus the attention of customers, who will not only be able to recharge their device but have a direct focus on your promotion.

Dudùu XL, on the other hand, is a charging station capable of charging any type of device: from the phone (Android and IOS), to the electronic cigarette, to the tobacco heater. A multi LED lamp that perfectly matches any environment and completes the design of your venue. A convenient, roomy and safe pocket emptier because it has a lock with a personal key.

The rental service suitable for any occasion

Furthermore, it is possible to rent Dudùu XL or Dudùu EXPO also for fairs or your events lasting a minimum of 3 days. In this way you can offer a service to your visitors that will strengthen the positive memory of the event. But not only that, you can also offer a visibility service to you and your partners with the customization of workstations and machines.

With Dudùu products you will make the difference; by offering a complete service, your customers will come back to visit you or will stay longer in your restaurant. Dudùu products mean comfort, technology and safety for your company.


Ask for information about the rental service and discover all our rates.


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